Somewhere becoming rain
Philip Larkin

Welcome! I run poetry sessions and teach acting.

I started the poetry sessions at the start of lockdown 2020 as a response to the sudden loss of human connection we were all experiencing. They are relaxing explorations of poems and other texts, approached from a performance angle. There is no prerequisite to the work other than an open heart, an open mind and a love of the spoken word.

Poetry can help us navigate periods of change, articulate our experience of loss, celebrate new life, a threshold crossed, and give us courage and hope when we feel overwhelmed. Sometimes the right poem comes along and becomes a friend. 

I run blocks of sessions which culminate in an informal sharing with other participants or we can meet for a one-off session. All sessions are currently online.

In addition to this, I run a monthly poetry circle - an informal monthly meet-up for actors and non-actors who would like to share a poem and listen to others. Get in touch if this is of interest. 

Please go to testimonials to find out what people are saying about my work both with the poetry sessions and also as an acting coach

Nature photo by Janelle Lynch. Courtesy of the artist and Flowers Gallery, London.



Vernon Scannell

I have always admired
Those who are sure
Which turning to take,
Who need no guide
Even in war
When thunders shake
The torn terrain,
When battalions of shrill
Stars all desert
And the derelict moon
Goes over the hill:
Eyes chained by the night
They find their way back
As if it were daylight.
Then, on peaceful walks
Over strange wooded ground,
They will find the right track,
Know which of the forks
Will lead to the inn
I would never have found;
For I lack their gift,
Possess almost no
Sense of direction.
And yet I owe
A debt to this lack,
A debt so vast
No reparation
Can ever be made,
For it led me away
From the road I sought
Which would carry me to -
I mistakenly thought - 
My true destination:
It made me stray
To this lucky path
That ran like a fuse
And brought me to you
And love's bright, soundless

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