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Testimonials: Testimonials

'Sophie always brings a high level of sensitivity and intuition to her teaching that is hard to find in a teacher...She has always encouraged me to find the joy and the depth there is to be found in both acting and text. Her intellect and boundless intrigue are highly infectious.'
Saorla W.

“Sophie is a fantastic teacher. The atmosphere in her class is always wonderfully warm, and in this safe and joyous space the students thrive.”
Rebecca F.

'Sophie is a deeply intuitive, insightful and inspiring teacher. She has endless empathy and a real desire to be alongside you, offering gentle guidance, wise reflection and an open hearted curiosity.' Rory G

'Reflecting on the last three years, I couldn't help but realise that you have been one of my main inspirations. I want to thank you for all the love and insights. I've never felt so seen and challenged at the same time'. Nina S

'Sophie is a wonderfully warm, natural and inspiring teacher. Her lessons are a journey together to explore the richness of texts and the joy of performing backed by her experience and intelligence. Her enthusiasm for her craft is completely infectious and her lessons are always uplifting and huge fun. I’m really learning to appreciate poetry in a way I haven’t done since school.' Caroline A.

"Sophie's sessions are always engaging, trusting and playful. I never finish a session without feeling warmingly encouraged and inspired." Rafaela N.

'I wanted to write to say how beautifully I thought you led your students, and the session today. You ‘held’ your students' space so effortlessly and steered them with real grace and sensitivity.' Amanda Root

'It was a joy. You make such a gently inviting and enquiring environment.' Pippa M

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